Privacy and information security
The company's "Sports Factory" website takes the usual precautions in order to maintain, as far as possible, the confidentiality of the information provided to it by users. In order to improve the protection of the privacy of visitors and / or customers of the site, the company provides this information regarding its privacy protection policy and about the options available to users during their stay on the site and regarding the conduct of the site regarding the collection of information.
When using the site's services, information is collected about you from a number of sources:
A. Information provided knowingly. The registrant of the site confirms the information about him of his own free will and with his full consent. The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided when entering the site;
B. Information obtained as a result of using the website (statistical and cumulative information, for example, advertisements you read on the website, the pages you viewed, offers and services that interested you, etc.)
The use of information is done according to law and is intended for the needs of managing and operating the site and providing services to customers including: improving the user experience, improving and enriching the services and content offered on the site, changing and canceling existing services and content, adapting content and services to customers and their tastes. Sales and / or sales, for the purpose of contacting the registrant in any way, including by direct mailing of marketing and advertising material and / or otherwise in all means of communication (including by SMS and email), including through "cookie" technology for the purpose of encouraging loyalty, Analysis and statistical research, conducting surveys and any other online use in connection with a marketing issue and / or internal needs, such as the need to investigate complaints and / or reviews, etc.
The information may be passed on to third parties as required to provide the services and / or operation of the site and / or customer club and / or the proper management of the site (such as by transferring information to company employees and / or site providers), all in accordance with the regulations and any law .
The Company may also provide such details to other needs as required to do so by a court order and / or by law and / or at the request of a competent legal entity and / or for assistance to government enforcement authorities and / or for the protection of customers' security and use of the site and / Or if it merges with another body and / or merges its activities with the activities of another body and as long as the information is transferred to the same body that accepts the provisions of the company's privacy policy and / or if a claim arises and / or suspicion arises that the company registered Or an omission that harms and / or may harm the company and / or anyone on its behalf and / or third parties and / or suspects that the user has used something that could enable, assist and / or encourage the commission of an illegal and / or suspicious act as an illegal act and / Or use that is due to a breach of the terms of the regulations and / or any agreement with the company.
The registration of the details on the website and / or the use of the website constitutes the consent of the registrant on the website that information about his details and any data produced based on the analysis of his details will be kept in one or more databases of the company and / or anyone on its behalf. The user may demand from the company in writing that the information relating to him be deleted from the database. The user provides his details of his own free will. He is aware that he has no legal obligation to provide the information about him. The responsibility for the accuracy of the details and their updating is on the user only.
The user of the website will not have any claim and / or demand towards the company in connection with the delivery of his details and the use of his details as stated above and he waives any claim and / or claim as such, including by virtue of the Privacy Protection Law, 1981.
  • The customer's consent to receive mailings, will constitute consent to receive mailings of advertising materials, promotions, benefits, partnerships and various updates in connection with the brands and products on the site, the site and the services provided within it.